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XXV is a terminal hex viewer with a text user interface, written in 100% safe Rust. Licensed under the GPL-3.0 software license.

Get it from by running cargo install xxv in your terminal. Make sure you have a proper development environment first, though. Windows is supported with the Crossterm backend: cargo install xxv --no-default-features --features crossterm.

Screenshot showing the XXV hex viewer in a terminal

Using XXV

XXV is a hex viewer. There is no editing capability. The file is displayed as a grid of bytes. The width of the grid is 16 bytes by default, and can be changed by pressing w.


The viewport is moved around the file with the h, j, k, and l keys, or the arrow keys.

Pressing H (shift-h), or pressing the Home key, moves the viewport to the left-most edge. And pressing L or End moves the viewport to the right-most edge.

Pressing J or Page Down, moves the viewport one whole screen down, and pressing K or Page Up moves the viewport one whole screen up.

Press g to open the "Go to" dialog, and jump to arbitrary rows and columns.

Opening files

Press o to open the "Open file" dialog. The current working directory is shown at the top. Folders are on the left, and files are on the right.

Press any letter key with the directory or file list in focus, to jump to the directories or files whose names start with that letter.

Press s to open the "Switch file" dialog. This dialog lets you switch between recently opened files. The last file you had open will be at the top of the list.

The list of recently opened files is remembered across restarts of XXV.

Press Del in the "Switch file" dialog to remove a file from the list. This will also forget the remembered line-width and viewport location.

Other features

Press v to switch the "visual" (text) column between showing unicode replacement symbols, ASCII replacement symbols, or not showing the visual column at all.

Press t to switch between light and dark theme. The theme selection is remembered across restarts.

Press the Esc key to close any dialog.

Press q to quit the program. This works even when a dialog is open. Pressing Esc also quits if no dialog is open.

Press r to reload the data in the viewport. Press R to re-open the file, and then reload the data.

Press ? or F1 to show this help text.